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The Wood, Heating energy

The Wood, Heating energy

Renewable and ecological


Heritage of nature, ecosystem of the animal and vegetable species, the forest covers, in France, almost one third of the national territory. Each extraction of trees is compensated with a new plantation. Exploitation and consumption included, the carbon footprint of wood is neutral because of the fact that on one hand there are lots of local production, allowing to minimise the transport and so to balance the impact on the environment, and on the other hand the carbon gas emissions during the combustion in a wood stove, are equal to those produced during the state of decomposition of the wood into the forest. Then those carbon gas emissions are assimilated with the photosynthesis phenomenon by trees, for their needs during their growth.

So, to reduce heat losses and to increase efficiency, the single wood heating appliances, stoves, fireboxes and inserts, have faced, since the 2000’s, very important evolutions. They are all equipped with double combustion, which allows to burn again the smokes and gases produced by the first combustion of the wood, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.