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The double combustion

The double combustion

All AXIS fireboxes are equipped

The principle consists in injecting oxygen at a certain height of the combustion chamber in order to provoke the combustion of the gases before their release in the atmosphere.

double combustion axis stoves design steel

The advantages are the following: :

  • Less CO and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Longer period of the fire.
  • Very clean glasses and bricks.

Triple walled fireboxes :

  • Refractory for heat conservation
  • Firebox for heat exchange
  • Convection lining for heat transmission

Outside air intakes

Outside air connection for combustion air and double combustion air.outside-air-connection-double-combustion-axis-stoves

Efficient eco-friendly heating


– Complete and clean combustion
– CO and particle emissions reduced to the minimum
– Functions without electrical assistance through natural thermo circulation

Emission of particles 16 mg/Nm3
Test results: firebox csd VL 900 – 13 Kw – source TD 4095 – CTIF

fireplace-axis-10-years-guarantee-design-steelRefractory bricks high resistance (1350°C)

By their conception, they ensure: Accumulation, transmission, and release of the heat continuously and over a period superior to the time of the fire (ISO 9002)

Period of heat redistribution aqual to the time taken for that temperature to be realised
*Détails et conditions sur certificat de garantie fourni avec chaque appareil ou sur demande


White bricks design axis fireplaces

White bricks

Grey bricks modern axis fireplaces stoves

Grey bricks